What to Take on Your Ski Trip

Once you’ve decided to take that long-needed ski holiday, the next best part is making the arrangements and packing for your trip. You can anticipate all of the activities that await you and prepare your wardrobe to be warm and dry so that you’ll be comfortable and cosy the entire time during your travel. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll know what to take, but if this is your first time away on a ski holiday, you may need some help planning out just what to take in order to make your trip more pleasant and enjoyable.

Ski Trip


If this is your first trip and you’re just experimenting with the sport to see if it truly appeals to your sense of adventure, you may want to rent your gear for this first time. There are professionals who can help you choose what you need; they’ll make sure you get the right equipment for your ability level and even offer some helpful tips on how to make the gear work to your advantage. If you’re a veteran skier, you will want to take your personal gear so that you can get some good use out of your equipment. You know what to take, but remember to include a day rucksack, your helmet, and a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated on the slopes.


With clothing, the main point that you want to remember is to buy waterproof. Make sure that your ski bibs or pants, jackets, and gloves are all waterproof so that you’ll stay both warm and dry. Be sure to take a warm hat, cover your ears, and invest in a good pair of goggles and sunglasses. You’ll want thermal clothing to wear under your outer layers, and remember the type that wicks sweat is the best that money can buy. Don’t forget two or three pairs of socks that are made for snow and cold; you’ll want them to have extra padding for your shins as well.


Apart from the usual deodorants, toothpaste, and colognes that you’ll take along with you, you must remember to take high-factored sunscreen. The sun on the mountain is unforgiving, and the reflection from the snow can quickly give you a burn that will disrupt the fun that you’ll have on your holiday. Don’t forget to take along lip protection and use it frequently. You’ll also want to take lotion to use after your bath or adventure in the hot tub, which tends to dry out your skin rather quickly.

As you plan out what to take on your ski holiday, you may want to visit a website like trysilskihytte.com to become familiar with the activities that are offered so that you’ll take enough clothing, and the right type, to participate in the events. From skiing in the morning to watching the torch relay at night, you’ll want to be dressed appropriately and have enough clothing on hand in case something gets wet and hasn’t yet dried. Planning your activities ahead of time and selecting the clothing that you’ll wear for each activity will help you take just the right amount and be dressed comfortably for each day. Getting ready for your ski holiday will be as much fun as skiing down the slopes on a crisp, sunny, and memorable day.

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