Wet and Wild: Best Water Based Vacations

In the heart of the summer, people are looking for dual purpose vacations. They want to find a soothing place to relax, but also a place to stay cool and comfortable at the same time. In order to satisfy both vacation goals, here are some amazing destinations available for people who love to be around the water. Whether it’s swimming, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, or sailing, there are wonderful waterways all over the world that offer a little something for everyone. Here are some great ideas for a “wet n wild” getaway.

Atlantis Bahamas
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The Bahamas

The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Islands, The Bahamas, is one of the most exciting island destinations in the world. The resort is cut out of 141 acres of natural waterways, creating the feel of visiting an underwater city. Atlantis is a great vacation spot for the entire family. There are 11 different swimming pools for relaxing and soaking in the sun. Professional swimming lessons are available for the kids, and the water-park is ranked as one of the best in the world. For true adventurers, the “dig” is an underground waterway that takes people through the mythical lost city. Of course, the area’s white sand beaches are second to none. If you love marine life, there is also an amazing aquarium filled with over 250 different species of marine life. By night, a live casino and five-star restaurants come to life, making this a complete vacation destination.

Catalina Island
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Catalina Island

One of the forgotten treasures in America is the beautiful Catalina Island. The island is located 25 miles due west of Los Angeles, California. This is a premium destination for people who love and respect the great outdoors. The island is filled with beautiful campsites and hiking trails. For those who love the water, the list of water based activities is staggering. Professional swimming lessons are available for the kids, and snorkelers and scuba divers will enjoy the islands amazing diving sites and underwater caves. The winds off the island make for great sailing and para-sailing. Sea fishing off the cliffs and beautiful beaches provides a great way to relax. There’s kayaking, sailing, swimming, and glass bottom boat tours. The island has great accommodations, shopping, restaurants, and golf; something for the whole family.

Whitewater Rafting
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Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River

The Pacuare River is located in Costa Rica. For whitewater rafting enthusiasts, this river offers three sections of rapids that are ideal for different levels of expertise. The “Upper Upper” is a 26 mile stretch of wide open rapids rated class II to IV. The “Upper” provides a great test for seasoned rafters. This 16 mile section is filled with whitewater falls and portages rated as high as class IV and V, an ideal setup for kayaking. The “lower” has class III and IV rapids through beautiful landscaped areas. Accommodations are available, as well as hiking and zip-lining facilities.

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Sightseeing and Relaxing in Kauai

The beautiful Hawaiian Islands are filled not only with exotic Polynesian culture, but great food and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Kauai is a great destination for relaxing and enjoying the deep blue Pacific Ocean. It has some of the best snorkeling grounds on the islands with coral reefs that are colorful and filled with beautiful sea life. Sun bathers will enjoy the white and chocolate sand beaches available for fun and relaxation. Vacationers can also pass the time with sailing, kayaking, para-sailing, and swimming. The island of Kauai is filled with beautiful hotels, golf courses, and highly rated restaurants.

These are just a few of the world’s great “water” destinations. Getting in touch with nature is a great way to relax and experience the earth’s beauty. There are water adventures, sports, and sightseeing locations everywhere which are certainly worth the price of admission. Don’t pass up these great ideas this summer!

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