West Coast Essentials: Tips for Roadtripping the US Pacific Coast

Planning a fun west coast road trip should focus on safety first. From Washington to California, there’s plenty to see and cherish.

US Pacific Coast

Preparation for the Long Road

While navigating highways in some parts on the west coast, drivers only see gas stations at one or two hundred mile intervals. It’s a good idea to bring several containers full of the right type of gasoline grade for a refill on the road. Driving nonstop through California’s national forests and parks, there is a good chance that your fuel tank will get depleted.

A jump starter unit also comes in handy for recharging a dead battery or inflating deflated tires after a rough ride through mountainous terrains. Be sure to pack some spare batteries, flashlights and first aid kits just in case a car stalls in the middle of nowhere like in the Death Valley.

Old School Supplies & High Tech Gadgets

A GPS navigation system and smartphone provide reliable resources for a road trip on the west coast, but there are some traditional supplies you should bring along. For example, two-way radios and portable mini radios provide some solid backup communication solutions if a car stalls or the battery dies in a mobile phone.

It’s absolutely necessary to have a detailed atlas map of the west coast that also specifically covers the pacific northwest and southwest. When driving in remote areas, drivers should pay more attention to road signs than digital gadgets that might be inaccurate.

Rental Car

To truly enjoy a road trip along the west coast, you may need a rental car. A young couple can rent a convertible or sports cars to cruise along the scenic California State Route 1 and other similar highways. A family with several young kids would want to rent a full size minivan or sport utility vehicle that can pack some extra cargo space. Rental car companies like Jamieson Car and Truck Rental in Kitchener usually offer the best rates during special weekend getaway deals.

Climate Control

The pacific coast might have extreme temperature ranges, especially in terrains such as mountains, valleys, deserts and oceanfront beaches. When packing for a west coast road trip, it’s a good idea to bring multiple layers of clothing. Even if the sun might be blazing in the afternoon, temperatures can drop to freezing in high elevations or desolate landscapes.

While cruising the west coast, be sure to enjoy California’s great beaches. Also be aware of border control in southern California and northern Washington.

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