Walking Tours: An Underrated Way to Enjoy the Outdoors

It’s no secret. We are enamoured with technology. Whether it’s at work or when we try and relax, technology is everywhere we go. While there’s nothing wrong with using technology, sometimes it’s nice to get away and enjoy nature. One of the best ways to enjoy Mother Nature is to get out and go on a walking tour.

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What Is a Walking Tour?

A walking tour is exactly what it sounds like: an environmentally friendly tour that features walking. No, a walking tour isn’t going with you and your family on a stroll through the park. A walking tour is a guided walk through a national park or designated nature centre. This means someone else is leading you through the area. Walking tours are always led by athletic and knowledgeable individuals that know the area like the back of their hand.

Walking tours are great because you’re completely immersed in nature. They are also very cost-effective alternatives when compared to other eco-tourism choices.

Where to Walk

While walking tours can feasibly occur all over the planet, perhaps the best place to engage in a tour is Australia. Walking tours in the Kimberley region of Australia are especially popular. This location features warm temperatures, but in the evening hours temperatures cool and allow for a calm breeze.

When scheduling walking tours, always keep in mind where you’re walking. If you’re not the most experienced walker, sometimes the long distances and uneven terrain are overly strenuous. Any able-bodied individual should be able to navigate the tours, but it’s good to keep these tips in mind either way.

What to Bring

Even though it’s a guided tour, you never know what could happen out in the wilderness. That’s why it’s imperative that you pack the right supplies for any situation. The most important thing to bring is a good pair of walking shoes. Do not wear shoes meant for road walking. You want to pack shoes that feature sturdy bottoms, and feature spiked or pointed soles. These are shoes meant for clinging to soft or dirt-caked surfaces. You won’t be travelling on paved paths the entire time, so you want to guarantee your shoes will hold up.

Hydration is the next most important thing to consider. Dehydration can result in serious injuries if heat exhaustion is allowed to set in. Aside from the health risks of dehydration, it’s simply an uncomfortable sensation. There’s no guarantee any civilization will be near your walking tour, so always keep a backpack full of water, and make sure you keep water in hand at all times.

Bring biodegradable snacks like bananas or fast-digesting carbohydrates. Carbs are your body’s primary source of immediate energy, so you want to be sure you’re 100-percent fuelled up when walking. Don’t worry about throwing biodegradable items on the side of the road during your walks. These items are intended to be discarded in nature.

Keep these tips in mind, and there’s no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful time walking out in nature.

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