Wakeboarding for Extreme Fun!

If you’re adventurous and love water skiing and surfing you are going to doubly love wakeboarding. Toss in a penchant for snowboarding and you get a good idea of the fun you’re in for when you take the plunge into wakeboarding.

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Wakeboarding combines the basic essentials of all three sports. Wakeboard riders are towed water ski fashion by boats that typically reach speeds of about 25 mph. Instead of skis, riders are on boards designed for the sport. Unlike surfboards, but like snowboards, wakeboards have straps for the rider’s feet. They also have a keel fin and side fins for stability and maneuvering. As they are pulled behind the boat, wakeboarders take advantage of the boat’s wake as it substitutes for the waves in surfing.

Wakeboarding requires a higher pull point than that for water skiing. To achieve the higher pull point, boats used for wakeboarding are equipped with water towers to keep the tow rope from pulling downward. The towers rise above the boat and allow for the pull point to reach above the water’s surface. Tricks are done in the air so the high tow point allows for maximum air making it easier for the rider to perform tricks.

Quality towers, take advantage of the latest technology, materials and designs to maximize a rider’s experience. From hardcore competitors to beginners, towers come in all prices and features. Some are collapsible for easy storage and others are reinforced with extra welding and braces. You will even be able to find them in different colors to complement your boat’s design! When deciding which boat tower to purchase and from where, be sure to check out the customer service offered by each. Extra customer service perks can be found from many fine dealers, such as installation of your boat tower from Wake Essentials.

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