Understanding the Popularity of Homestays for Travelers in India

Hospitality in India is known worldwide. For Indians, guests are considered as gods and they feel honored when they have guests living in their house. Any voyage Inde can only include the true Indian hospitality when travelers prefer homestay instead of hotels. In homestay, home owners accommodate guests in their homes or different quarters near them.

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A homestay allows guests to be part of a private home and share personal experience as well as relationships with the owners. While hotels provide cold air, homestays offer warm courtesy and fresh cooked meals that are truly soul-touching.

Reasons for Choosing Homestay Over Hotel

Previously, homestays in India had significantly increased. It started in Kerala nearly ten years ago and has grown dramatically. Homestay allows guests to experience hospitality from the heart which travelers can miss in a hotel. There are some reasons why you must choose a homestay instead of a hotel to enjoy your holiday in India.

  • Provides Extraordinary Accommodation– If you are tired of being in a hotel that has limited space and a concrete wall, the best way to enjoy your stay in India is to prefer to homestay. You can pick from bungalows, historic havelis, rural cottages or houses.
  • Gives Personalized Service– Homestay is popular for offering personalized services to guests. While hotels can have plenty of hotels, homestays just have a few and the homeowners are typically the host. Usually, the family joins the guests during meals and the guests can talk with them. This is a great way for a guest to understand the family’s culture and the region itself. When you choose to stay in a homestay during your, your holiday, you can become a part of the country’s local culture and experience the way the locals live.
  • Allows Guests to Enjoy Home-Cooked Food– Although a lot of travelers fancy the hotels that offer multi-cuisine dinings, this cannot be compared with the freshly cooked home meals served in homestays. Homestays let guests taste authentic regional food and go to the kitchen and take part in the cooking process.
  • Allows Guests to Get Direct and Local Information– Families living with guests in homestays can give local information regarding the region which will be helpful for guests in their visits. It is likely that the locals will give information which could not be found in guide books. Aside from giving advice on things to see and do, they will make sure that travelers are charged fairly.

Homestay Locations that You Can Avail Of

As homestays are often a part of the homes of people, they are not expected to be situated in the city’s heart. This is one aspect which makes them quite desirable. They are often overlooking sceneries or situated in the middle of a tea plantation or jungle providing guests real heartfelt hospitality.

What Guests Should not Expect in Homestays

Guests who plant to stay in homestays must not expect fancy amenities such as leisure facilities and swimming pool. Majority offers very fundamental amenities such as running water, dining area, attached washrooms, complimentary breakfast and fan. It is possible that air-condition; Wi-Fi connectivity and room televisions may not be available in homestays.

Famous Places for Indian Homestays

A trip to Wayanad, Coorg, Alleppey, Munnar and Goa and other cities in South India will provide great homestay accommodation.

Author Bio: Brandi is the owner of a travel organization that focuses on voyage Inde. She has been a traveler herself who takes pride of her visits to more than twenty countries already.

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