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Unless you reside in a country with mountains and snow chances are you will be travelling abroad the next time you wish to take a skiing holiday. Europe is still the most popular destination with British skiers, but Eastern European countries, particularly Bulgaria in recent years, are receiving their fair of British holidaymakers.

Luxury Chalet

Skiers from other parts of the world, like Australia for instance, are very likely to travel abroad. And often farther afield, with many Australians not only heading to New Zealand’s South Island, but to Japan, Canada, the US, and now South America, with Argentina and Chile boasting some amazing pistes that are attracting worldwide attention.

Great holidays of any kind, skiing especially, are made in the planning so making the right preparations for your next skiing holiday abroad is essential if you are to have as much fun as you should. Here are a few tips for preparing for your next skiing holiday abroad, most of which you should be aware of already.

Book now!

With the pound strong against the Euro this year, many European resorts, particularly French resorts, are already selling like hotcakes. In fact, so well have skiing holidays been selling in France, due to the strong pound that has made holidaying more affordable, that many resorts have already sold out!

Wherever in the world you are planning to travel to on your next skiing holiday abroad, booking in advance is crucial to getting a good deal.

Consider a package deal

Package deals are often restrictive, but if you are low on funds and don’t want to miss out on the fun this ski season then package deals are something for you to consider.

You may find yourself in a ‘block slot’ along with hordes of other skiers and their families, but this is something to tolerate if it means you don’t have to hear about all the fun your friends are having at their chalet from the Luxury Chalet Collection while you are stuck at home or work.

Check your gear

Before you depart, give your gear a good checking over and buy anything you need in advance before you go. You will generally find it more affordable to buy new gear and clothing online or in a store at home than at the resort, so buy what you need before you depart and save yourself some money that could be spent on something better.

Go somewhere new

There are hundreds of ski resorts throughout Europe and many hundreds more located across the world. Although you may have had a blast last year and have thought all year long about returning, why not give somewhere else a try this year?

With so many resorts to stay at it would be a shame not to experience something different when the opportunity presents itself, which it does each and every winter.

With that in mind, what are you doing to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you this winter? It’s time to start planning.

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