Towers To Visit In Brasov and Sighisoara

Are you planning a holiday? Are you not sure what place you want to travel? Do you want to visit the mountains or go on a road trip? If these questions are not yet answered, then let us help you. Romania is the perfect answer to all these questions. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, absorbed in the Black Sea and paved in the Transfagarasan Road, this country has everything to experience and visit once in a lifetime.

Towers To Visit In Brasov and Sighisoara 447x447

Romania is among one of those countries who have advanced with the modern day as well as have remained untainted in its beauty. Europe has always been the best place to visit for its heritage sights and historical monuments. Romania is located in the South Eastern part of Europe and has equally beautiful sights. It has some of the best citadels and towers that mark the presence of medieval times. They stand tall foreseeing the city below. Let’s see the must-visit towers and citadels of Romania.

The Sighisoara Citadel: Walk through the cobbled streets and vividly painted houses to reach this picturesque tower. German Saxons settled in this town in Romania in the 12th century. They played the role of frontiers that took care of the land of Sighisoara. The famous Vlad Tepes, a member of the house of Draculesti and also known as Dracula, was born here. The Clock Tower is the main highlight of this place and is described as the most beautiful clock tower of Europe. This tower is 64m high and holds a history museum that portrays the early life in Sighisoara.

The Taylor’s Tower: The Taylor’s tower used to be as tall as the Clock Tower, until it caught fire in the 16th century. It was then rebuilt after 3 months. It is the second entrance to the Sighisoara citadel and occupies two vaulted galleries. This tower was owned by the richest guild and named after the same. There are other surrounding towers that make way to the citadel. Like the Goldsmiths Tower, The Rope makers Tower, The Shoemakers Tower, The Blacksmiths Tower and The Tanners Tower.

The Black Tower And The White Tower: As the sun casts its golden rays in Brasov, the Black Tower and the White Tower stands tall offering beautiful views to the eyes. It is among the seven bastions that survived in the attacks of the Turks and Tatars. It was built on the Warthe hills for protection against the enemy attacks. Though it is white in color, the black tower looks magnificent. It houses a museum which one can visit.

The streets and the old towns of Romania are also attractions that one must not miss. The churches, fortified bastions, towers, cathedrals and medieval huts make this country marvelous. And one must also not miss the Piatas; meaning the city square. The Cetatii and the Hermann Oberth market square hold fairs and stalls that sell souvenirs for travelers. As much traditional gifts one can pick, Romania is also modernized when it comes to shopping and food.

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