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Holland also known as Netherlands is a country in Europe that boarders Germany to the East while bordering Belgium to the South. The residents, the language as well as the culture of this country Holland is known as Dutch. Netherlands or Holland is a small country that is characterized with lots of cultural practices and heritage and is renowned for its painters, windmills, notoriously flat lands and clogs.

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Although Holland is known to be modern European country, this country is characterized with a highly preserved International character and is also known for its liberal mentality thus its hospitable and welcoming residents. Its capital city is situated in Amsterdam with most tourists coming to Holland destined to tour this city. Holland on the other hand is known to exhibit a broad spectrum of cultural sights and activities, recreational facilities as well as captivating natural scenery and beautiful climatic variation combined with spectacular architectural structures.

Netherlands is indeed one very interesting destination that would be able to offer every passionate traveller and enthusiastic tourist a wonderful and a memorable moment during their visit to the country. Actually, if you desire to go for a vacation in Europe then you need not to bother so much at whether to acquire the UK drivers licence in the bid to hit the road for a trip. Just prepare yourself and head over to Holland and there you are. You will experience a wonderful and a memorable moment more than you anticipated. Some of the most attractive destination in this country that are a must see visit for every tourist include:

•Delta project/Delta Works
This is a series of massive construction that was erected between the year 1950 and 1997 in the provinces of Zeeland South Holland to protect the land from the sea. This site comprises of constructions such as dams, Locks, storms surge barriers and dikes. Some consider it as part of the wonders of the modern world. This is indeed a site worth seeing.

•Maastricht Vrijthof:
Best regarded as city square in in Maastricht. A city located in the southern part of Holland. This place is characterized with the massive Saint Servatius Church and the saint Jan’s Cathedral. This location hosts large festivals during different times and seasons of the year. Such as winter and autumn festivals.

Regarded as the largest and the most prestigious museum of history and art in Holland. This destination hosts lots of collection of paintings from the times of the Dutch Golden Age including works by Vermeer and Rembrandt.

This place comprises of about 1000 old windmills that still stands tall in Netherlands. Some of the largest concentration of the Dutch windmills can be found near the village of the KinderdijK sometime known as the children’s dikes. They were used to drain excess waters from the polders that are located below the sea levels. Some of the windmills were put up as early as 1740.Thus acting as a spectacular tourist attraction.

•Hoge Veluwe:
The Hoge Veluwe national Park is actually one of the largest and continuous nature reserves in Holland. It comprises of sand dunes, woodlands and heathlands plus the area has la large collection of paintings from Vincent van Gogh.

•Canals of Amsterdam
Amsterdam are known to have begun setting up its canals since 17th century during the Dutch golden Age. Some of the renowned canals comprises of the Herendracht, Prinsengracht and keizersgracht which eventually forms some concentric belt around the city, referred as grachtengordel. Along these canals their exist almost 1550 monumental buildings.

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