Top Travel Destinations Leaving from Canada

Many Canadians opt to travel outside of the country for vacations. There are five main areas that are visited by Canadians. To get the best travel deals it is important to book well in advance.

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United States Locations

Several locations in the United States are popular travel destinations by Canadians. Some of these locations include Florida, New York, Michigan, California and Washington. Washington, Michigan and New York are Border States with a lot of fun entertainment, cultural experiences and activities for families to enjoy. The southern states are enjoyed in the cooler months. Michigan is a popular gambling destination with the casinos in the Detroit area.

United Kingdom

Canadians enjoy the cultural experiences available in the UK. There are dozens of festivals to attend every year including a tribute to Pride and Prejudice. With the UK holding the most recent Summer Olympic Games, a lot of attraction was drawn to this area of the world. It became a popular travel destination for visitors around the world.


Mexico is a popular destination simply for the culture and beauty of many sandy beaches along the ocean. There are several cultural events that tourists enjoy taking part in, such as Cinco de Mayo events, dozens of fiestas and Carnaval. The authentic Mexican food is also worth the trip. Natives of this area of the world are friendly and will share secrets to making authentic meals as well as some of the history behind the country and its traditions.


This destination is known for its beaches, cigars and music. One of the most looked forward to events in Cuba is the Habanos Cigar Festival. During this time of year there are festivals displaying and celebrating cigars as well as seminars and other events to attend. Visitors are also able to learn how to perfect the art of cigar rolling.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, tourists are able to take part in a variety of festivals and celebrations throughout the year. The cultural experience in the Dominican Republic is very different. Natives of the land explain the history that dates back to the 1500s as well as how traditions were developed and how the land and people have evolved. The food in this area of the world is very unique with a mix of bold flavors and ingredient combinations. Sweet, sour and salty are often combined in one single dish.

While these are the top travel destinations amongst Canadians, there are many other parts of the world that are visited. The above locations are the most popular. For some Canadian residents, simply travelling to a different part of the country is considered to be a different cultural experience since the culture varies so much from one province to another. International flights from Canada are quite common with the United States being the primary country being traveled to. Regardless of the destination, plan it well in advance and with a precise plan to make the vacation go as smoothly as possible.

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