Top reasons to make a visit to the Gavno Castle

If you like traveling and exploring different lands and cultures and if you like traveling back in historical time then the Gavno Castle located in Denmark should definitely be a must-see on your list. This is a great example of culture and ancient art because its architecture is unique and can’t be seen anywhere else.

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The Gavno gardens are magnificent and certainly add more glory to it. They are filled with beautiful flowers of all kinds and hundreds of bushes that are all shaped to perfection and all this makes the walk in the gardens an unforgettable experience.

The walls surrounding Gavno are carved by hand and they are an architectural wonder. The castle has a church within its grounds that is splendid and decorated to perfection. The church and the rooms are decorated in the spirit of the 15th century. During that time the aristocratic families lived in massive castles as the bigger the castle the better the social standing was. The architecture of Gavno is in the rococo style which makes it even more interesting to visit.

There are several things you will need to explore once you are in the grounds of the Castle. The garden is one of them and another beautiful creation is the glass greenhouse. There you will be able to find all different exotic tropical butterflies that will amaze you with the beautiful colors on them. You will find out that the main building is actually very big but it is kept clean and tidy and well maintained as the original furniture can still be seen. The main responsibility of the maintenance falls on the authorities that care for the maintenance of historical buildings and make sure they keep them in their original state.

If you have decided that you want to visit the Gavno Castle then you will need to prepare in advance using the internet booking system of the place. You need to check the opening and closing times so that you are guaranteed admittance when you go.

During the winter months December – March the castle is closed for maintenance. Throughput the rest of the year it can be visited by tourists. Normally it is open for 6 hours a day so you need to plan carefully. Remember that the visiting hours are different every month so make sure you have the opening hours’ timetable before you go.

There is a small fee to pay when you are visiting the Castle. You can get yourself familiar with the pricing before you go. Although some places in Denmark are free to visit, the Gavnø slot (this is how they call it) needs regular maintenance that is expensive so it has to be funded by entry fees. The prices are not high and are usually paid in Euros by the tourists. If you need wheelchair access or special assistance you need to contact the reception in advance so that you can get somebody to help you.

The Gavno Castle is a historical monument that has kept its original looks and it is one treasure in Denmark’s historic buildings that must be seen. Day trips are easy to organize and the place is easily accessible by car or public transport.

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