The Top 5 Places in Africa that are Essential Sights During Any African Vacation

Africa is a continent steeped in beauty, marked by the dignity and strength of nature. There are many amazing attractions that can be seen throughout the continent, such as nature preserves, beaches, museums, and great architecture. Whether traveling alone or with family, here is a quick look at 5 essential sights that must be visited during any African vacation.

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Haller Park

Originally a quarry, Haller Park is now a nature park in Mombasa. The park has been transformed into a type of zoo, with animals of a large number of different varieties. Animals at Haller Park include hippos, tortoises, bush pigs, giraffes that guests can hand feed, monkeys, many types of antelopes, and much more. Haller Park is located in a more urban area, so it is a good alternative to going on a safari, which can be expensive, time consuming, and does not guarantee that you will actually see any animals.

Fort Jesus

This fort is located on the coastline of Mombasa and is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Kenya. Fort Jesus was built in the 16th century and was a major trade destination for people throughout Africa. There is also a museum containing artifacts and tours are available with guides that speak many languages. When you do visit this ancient relic, it is recommended that you take a tour in order to learn about the history of the are and the fort, which will help to further bring things to life.

Mombasa Marine National Park

Most popular for its diving and snorkeling opportunities, Mombasa Marine National Park is a beautiful location situated along the Kenyan coast. The park offers many beautiful aquatic environments to explore. Marine life most commonly seen are sea jellies, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, sea stars and much more. Other activities include windsurfing, water skiing, sunbathing, and off-shore bird watching. If you want to do any sort of aquatic activity in the world, this is one of the best places to go and it is a sight that must be seen.

Jain Temple

The Jain religion is rooted in India, but the Jain Temple in Mombasa is notable for its incredible beauty. The temple has intricate architecture and is painted a beautiful white, with silver doors and a gold spire. The inside of the temple is decorated with a multitude of figures, sculptures, and artwork. The staff at Jain Temple offer guided tours that inform visitors about the temple’s history and about Jainism.

Wildlife Safaris

One of the greatest experiences of visiting Africa is the chance to go on a safari. Kenyan Safaris are highly recommended for all sorts of travelers since they are well organized and do not require an enormous amount of physical stamina. Professional guides will lead travelers to the best destinations to see wildlife such as lions, zebras, cheetahs, hippos, and many other popular African animals. Travelers will also see the beauty of the African land and interact with indigenous peoples. If someone wants to truly have a more involved and close up view of Africa, this is the best opportunity that is available.

Africa is an ancient land that inspires and awes all who visit. When old travelers, such as Alex F Bouri, first visited Africa, they not only found a wonderful people, but they saw a land filled with a variety of different wonders. A visit to the essential sights of Africa will turn any vacation into memories that will last a lifetime. Travelers will want to return time and time again to experience the magic of Africa.

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