The Best Places In America To Spend Your Golden Years

After years of hard work and saving, it is finally time to kick back and enjoy retirement. Without a job keeping them tied to one place, many people decide to pursue their dreams of relocating after retirement. Whether you are a wine lover or a beach body, there is a perfect retirement location out there for you. Here is a list of the top 4 places in America to spend your golden years:

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The Wine Lover – Missouri

Choosing a place like Jefferson City, MO as your retirement destination has some big perks, especially for wine lovers. According to U.S. News and World Report, the median home in this area goes for less than $200,000. Beautiful farmland and several well-known vineyards make Missouri a top retirement place.

The Beach Body – South Carolina

Year-round warm weather and access to countless beaches make South Carolina a great retirement destination for beach lovers. With popular cities like Columbia, Charleston and Greenville to choose from, there is an option for every budget. As the capital of the Palmetto State, Columbia boasts affordable housing options and is close to popular beaches like Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach and Isle of Palms Beach. Beautiful sandy beaches and low cost of living make Columbia, SC a spectacular place to retire.

The Employed Retiree – Utah

There are many reasons that people choose to continue working during their retirement years. Whether it is financial need or a desire to stay busy, more and more retirees are returning to or remaining in the workforce. New home communities in Centerville, UT offer quiet, small-city living with lots of job opportunities. When this plentiful employment is paired with the low cost of living and great tax climate, it is no wonder that Utah is a top retirement pick for working retirees.

Retired Singles – Tennessee

It is never too late to find love. For retirees, a place like Memphis Tennessee is the perfect place to find it. With a large population of retired singles settling in this area, first dates and new relationships are constantly on the rise. Not only is Memphis a great place to find love, but it is widely known for its music. The city has strong ties to musical legends like Elvis, B.B. King, Johnny Cash and Issac Hayes. A large number of retired singles and great music make Tennessee a top destination for retired singles.

Your retirement years should be spent doing something that you love. These 4 top retirement locations can help you do that. Whether this means relaxing on a beach or finding love all over again, this list can help you find a place to do it.

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