The Best Hunting Destinations in the U.S.

Summer is here and for avid hunters that means time to get out and bound to some of the best hunting locations in the U.S. Before hunters set out on their journeys this summer they need to be sure of a few things. Permits should be up to date and gear should be packed up and in proper working order. If fishing is your poison, make sure to have all fishing gear, permits, and tackle box stocked and ready. Once everything is set, it is time to get hunting in one of these destinations.

Whitetail Deer

  1. Appleton, WI

This region is abundant with Whitetail Deer. The ample game has outdoors men and women flocking to the Fox River. Hunting is good year round in Appleton. There is much more to do in this region than just hunting deer. Lake Winnebago and Fox River are prime fisheries. Green Bay is filled with small mouth bass. The Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area is one of the largest freshwater cattail marshes. Also in Wisconsin is the Nicolet National Forest which is home to bears, deer, and grouse. There are many destinations in this state making it the prime location for avid hunters.

  1. Salmon, ID

This area is located on the Salmon River and borders millions of acres of public hunting grounds. Here is the prime location for fishing. Catches include trout, steelhead, and more year round. Trophy elk, whitetail, and mule deer can be found throughout the area. Mountain lions and bears are also sought after in this region. Numerous game opportunities are available to hunters in Idaho.

  1. Venice, LA

This is a large fishing area for outdoorsmen who like to spend their time on the water or hunting waterfowl. Largemouth bass, speckled trout, redfish, marlin, tuna, sailfish, swordfish and more can be found in this area. Small fish to large, there is no variety anywhere else. Louisiana is a fisher’s paradise.

Fly fishing

  1. Rapid City, SD

A variety of hunting and fishing opportunities are located in South Dakota. Lakes, streams, dams and reservoirs are filled with all kinds of trout, largemouths, pike, and panfish. Year round hunting is available. Game includes whitetail, mule deer, elk, and turkeys. Pheasants, sharptails, prairie chickens, pronghorns, coyotes, and prairie dogs are plentiful throughout various parts of the region. South Dakota is the destination for hunters who like numerous hunting options.

  1. Centerville, IA

This is a four season hunting location that is a hunter’s paradise. Not only is the whitetail famous, the area is full of turkey, waterfoul, crappies, walleyes, and channel cats. Not only is there ample opportunity for hunting and fishing, the town itself has great character and is filled with friendly townspeople. Iowa is the perfect place for hunting as well as a comfortable stay.

Start the summer off right in some of the best hunting destinations in the U.S. The game is plenty and the fishing is bountiful. Get a few practice shots in at gun ranges like Calibers before heading out this season. These destinations not only make for some great hunting but a pleasant stay in beautiful areas. The five destinations above are the perfect spots for the avid outdoorsman and woman.

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