Thailand – A Real Tourist Paradise

In this chapter we would like to talk about an evergreen tourist country, Thailand. The Southeast Asian country has been a favourite for many decades now and despite its fame paired up with becoming infamous for crime and prostitution, it does not affect the steady flow of tourists in the country, practically all year long.  No matter we talk about the ever busy capital city, Bangkok which is stacked with beautiful tourist attraction in form of it’s amazing Buddhist shrines, temples and tourist villages, not to mention its morning boat markets, Thailand is simply an amazing place to visit.

Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

While the Northern mountainous part of the country such as Chiang Mai province is more popular for those who are looking for a hideaway place to relax and to learn more about the Thai traditions and lifestyle the Southern seaside part of the country with its amazing islands stays in the centre of attention for most of the tourists. No wonder that you can get to find the majority of tourist resorts and villages in places and islands such as the picturesque Pattaya or Koh Samui.

It is not only the interesting culture and the amazing hospitality which tempts so many people to visit Thailand. It’s also its ever amazing cuisine, its lovely climate almost all year long and all the awesome places one can get to visit.

Thailand besides being a real tourist paradise is also popular for those who arrive here to do sports. There are dozens of places once can get to learn the traditional Thai boxing, there are dozens of schools teaching scuba diving and Pattaya also gives place for those who like to indulge in extreme sports such as bungie jumping.

Tea Plantations Chiang Mai

Thailand is also an excellent choice for those tourists who would like to spend a longer sort of a holiday at a beautiful place which does not only have warm climate but it’s also exceptionally cheap.

The most popular cities of Thailand to visit include the following:

Bangkok – also called as Krung Thep Bangkok is the capital city of the Thai Kingdom and it is also the centre of the Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia. Bangkok is a real tourist city full of amazing sites and its channels give an excellent opportunity for everyone to see the whole city from the water.

Chiang Mai – the centre of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is unlike the Southern part of Thailand. For instance, you will need to bring warmer clothes because the climate is way colder up in the mountains. Those who would like to learn more about the untouched Thai traditions often come and stay here for a longer time. Chiang Mai is also the centre of Buddhism and those who would like to have a real traditional Thai tattoo made by monks should also visit here. Chiang Mai is also popular for being quite close to the world famous Golden Triangle zone which is a lawless territory the Asian centre of opium and heroin production.

Elephant Show Pattaya

Pattaya: Pattaya is full of tourists all year long and it’s no wonder: the climate is excellent, there are tons of hotels smaller and bigger and the beaches are warm and simply awesome over here.  Life never stops in Pattaya and the nightlife will make you forget to sleep. 

Koh Samui : Koh Samui is a de facto hippie paradise ever since the Seventies. Everyone who is looking for a cheap and peaceful lifestyle visits this beautiful island which is full of natural wonders and which has a pleasant climate all the time.

Phuket: Phuket is situated alongside the Thailand’s southern provinces of Phang Nga and Krabi. Even, it is an island although with the huge land bridge to various purposes and intents it is mainly part of mainland. However, island is also blessed with Phuket International Airport that is located on north side of island, and serves province. Phuket is about same size like Singapore and they are not the largest island of Thailand’s which is even richest because of tourism that it generates because of its location.


The Phuket Island offers awesome bays, white beaches, inviting seas and coves. This island is mainly known for their charming people, extensive array of accommodation that is varying from hotels, villas to small family guesthouses.

All in all, Thailand is cheap, it’s simply amazing and it’s no wonder that it’s relaxed lifestyle makes many people stay there for many years, if not forever. If you haven’t yet done so, go ahead and visit Thailand.

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