Six of The Coolest Cooperate Offices to Visit

Not all of the sites that you see when traveling across America have to been from mother nature! There are many sites that are man made works of art that display the finest human traits of ingenuity and creativity. Here is a list of some of the coolest buildings that you’ll want to make sure and checkout in your travels.


The Googleplex
This complex resides in California, providing its employees with a stunning amount of comfort and conveniences in its unique workspace. Among the amenities are a swimming spa, free meals, and free-floating office space. The interior décor is rich in high-tech imagery, inspiring employees at every angle and from every perspective.

The Square
This 30,000 square-foot space was designed by Studio O+A that is situated in San Francisco. Jack Dorsey is the mind behind the space that houses a start-up company for mobile payment systems. The design is based on minimalist ideals and the maximization of open space. Employees are free to roam and work in any number of contemporary and comfortable settings. The primary materials are plywood and felt, creating what has been termed as “tertiary spaces.”

Microsoft Vien
Designed by Innocad Architektur, this 14,764 building cost over $3.6 million dollars to construct. The conference rooms are designed around themes that include oceans and hunting lodges. It most awe-inspiring feature is its massive reception lounge that includes stand-alone, geometric cushions, computer x-rays, and solid-hued walls.

The Parliament
Situated in Portland, Oregon, this 4,000 square-foot space was designed by Chris Erickson. The design embraces an artisan feeling that has all the rustic charm of old-world construction. The space features custom-made wood and metal worktables where employees concentrate on high-profile clients such as Xbox and Gatorade.

Grupo Gallegos
Residing in Hunting Beach, California, this building accommodates an advertising firm for Spanish-language campaigns across the nation. The space is vibrantly housed in a former movie theater, featuring umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, open floor plans, glamor on every floor.

This San Francisco office building gives employees over 5,000 square feet in which to perform data analytics. With a stunning budget of only $25,000, this firm got their hands on nearly all their décor from second-hand sources. From flea markets to employee homes, the project was truly a group effort by all parties concerned. It has an emphasis on relaxation that uses plush carpeting, reclining areas galore, and crisp lines created using cool colors.

These spaces are maintained and kept in pristine condition as well using leading upkeep services that include the Kleenmark in Madison. The coolest and most creative office buildings are certainly notable stops to consider in your travels. Many of these buildings offer cheap or even free tours that you’ll want to look into!

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