Sindh magnum opus of history

Sindh, one of the gems among the jewels of history is preserving the thousand years of history and one of the ancient civilizations. Sindh has also the two facets of life including the lights and life as Karachi “the city that never sleeps” and the witness of the world’s oldest civilizations Mohanjo- Daro. Now have a glance on the both sides of life as Karachi renowned as “the brides of the cities” because of the financial hub of Pakistan and most populous city of Pakistan also. While Karachi has gained attention due to the World’s Sixth most populous city and the main seaports are also located in Karachi that become the major source of the merchandising of Pakistan.

Karachi St.Patricks Cathedral 447x296

Karachi is also famous due to the buildings in this city as in Karachi there are many of the mid-rise buildings as compared to the high-rise buildings. While the first high rise building was manufactured in 1967 Habib Bank Tower with 101 m height while after this another high –rise building is manufactured as the MCB Tower in 2005. While the city of Lights also shares its coastline with the Arabian Sea and has gained familiarity for “the city of Quaid” because Quaid-e-Azam, the founder Pakistan born and also buried in this city and this city was also the Capital of Pakistan before Islamabad.

While many of the historical buildings are also located in Sindh of the Mughal ear and then that is like the Mohatta Palace, the Freemason Lodge Quaid-e-Azam House, Daraza Sharif, Shewan Sharif, Fiaz Mahal, Rannikot, Chaukandi Tombs and Keenjhar and Manchar Lake. The most important facet of Sindh is the civilization of the golden era as the Mohanjo- Daro that also known as the Mound of dead. It is considered that this Indus Valley Civilization was about the duration of the Durvan Times this city of about a thousand years ago is a well-planned and well-managed city that is located on the side of the Indus River. While at that time, Indus River was the main source or the hub of the business.  The 5000 years ago, historical civilization was the masterwork of manufacturing with the forts, grand halls, palaces and well-arranged courtyards. While city was also the hub of the trade and commerce while here, mostly people profession related to the vegetation and crops.

Exploring the radiance of the focal point of Heart of Pakistan and glimpsing jewels of rich tradition through the cheap flights to Pakistan provides you sparking chance the cache of natural glory.

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