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Beer is a good old beverage that has been connecting people for years. Almost as nutritious as food itself, beer has been known to be the most pleasant of alcoholic drinks for the stomach, and for the soul. Beer is the integral part of any country in the world, and it is almost as old as civilization itself! However, there are plenty different ways of looking at countries’ beer consumption, whether it is based on quality, quantity or beer type variety.

Beer Lovers

Whenever one thinks of Ireland, one of the things that first come to mind is destined to be beer! With a brown ale preference, one of the most important parts of Irish culture is certainly the world-famous Guinness. However, Ireland has yet to blossom in terms of breweries, for not 10 years ago, only five were on the market. Now counting up to 50 breweries, Ireland ranks sixth in beer consumption per capita, certainly a more realistic representation of what the Gaelic people love. So, if you’re the one for warm sunny weather, this might not be place for you, but if you want to get lost in one of their pub visit routes and in need to try out some fantastic beverages, Ireland just might be the place for you.

Just 2 places above its green counterpart in terms of beer consumption per capita, Germany is a prime destination for a beer lover! Home to the wonderful Oktoberfest, Germany is certainly one of the most popular beer countries in the world, or at least in Europe. With a staggering consumption of 116 liters per person, Germany is among the top five countries in the world in terms of beer production volume. It is a custom here to order beers by style, so if you ever visit, be sure you ask for a Pils, a Weissbier or a Helles, for instance.

While its consumption per person might not be as astounding as is the case with their neighbors in the south, Poland stands out as a maker of the unique grodziskie beer, a quality smoked wheat beer, produced in a brewery in the town of Grodzisk, near Poznan. The single brewery in this town makes for the one and only in the world that produces the mentioned beverage.

Completely different in terms of culture, the USA is at steady 81.6 liters per person. While buying half a liter per piece is a custom in the rest of the world, America is famous for their 0.33l beer cans. Whether it’s drank at American football or baseball games, Nascar, on the street, or in a bar, Beer is certainly a common pastime on the new continent. Home to more breweries than any other country in the world, USA is certainly a place to visit for the beer sampling experience. Be sure to try the famous Bud Light, Coors, Budweiser, or any other from the long, long list of beers in this part of the world.

We hope that we’ve provided you with enough information to decide which of these marvelous countries to visit first, and remember, if you like a certain beer, whether it’s Guinness, Grodziskie, or Bud Light, you can always get beer brew supplies and give it a try yourself. Sláinte

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