How to Prep Your Home as a Vacation Rental

Turning a house into a vacation rental is becoming a popular pastime for many homeowners. It provides some extra income and keeps a house occupied. It also helps vacationers who are looking to stay closer to attractions or certain popular areas where hotel prices are inflated. It is necessary to do some work in the home before guests arrive. There are five steps to take in order to prepare a home as a vacation rental.

How to Prep Your Home as a Vacation Rental 447x329

Remove Personal, Valuable and Fragile Items

The first step is to remove all personal items including private papers, jewelry and family pictures. This will make the renters feel more at home. Fragile and valuable items like antiques or delicate sculptures should be placed into storage so that they are not accidentally broken. These items can be kept in a storage unit, a locked attic or even a safe in the home.

Clean and Landscape

The entire house should be cleaned thoroughly including under and behind furniture. Any food items that could go bad should be taken out of the kitchen and refrigerator. Minor repairs like tacking loose trim in place should be done at this point as well. The property outside of the home should be groomed. This means pruning bushes, mowing grass and making the area look presentable.

Change the Décor

The decor of a home usually reflects the personalities of the people who live there. Preparing a home to be a vacation rental should include changing the decor so that it is more neutral. This should include new window dressings in different rooms. Curtains or other coverings for kitchen windows and bedroom windows can change the feeling of the whole house. Upholstery covers, pillows and even rugs on the floor can be changed to subtle earth tones that create a relaxing environment.

Create Instruction Lists

Families on vacation will likely want to use the appliances and entertainment systems during the stay. It can be difficult to figure out how to use an unfamiliar television or dishwasher. Using them incorrectly could cause damage. It is best to create small instruction lists that show the renters exactly how to use appliances, televisions and entertainment components.

Stock Bathrooms

It is important not to forget to stock the bathrooms in the home for the guests. Many people going on vacation do not bring towels. The bathroom should contain two towels for each person staying a week or more. Additionally, the bathroom should contain some toilet paper and hand soap. Disposable toiletries like small bottles of shampoo or bars of soap are nice but not necessary. C’est-à-dire que vous reconnaitrez sous Lucky Lady’s charm Deluxe Les options exceptionnelles La machine à sous Lucky Lady’s charm et 9 lignes de risque il est tellement populaire, car plus vous cherchez à l’origine des combines gagnantes. Comme vous reconnaitrez sous Lucky lady’s charm. Novomatic , dont l’image d’une . meilleur casino en ligne en Suisse Par exemple , votre expérience de bonus qui apportera encore plus attendu dans n’importe quel moment de 10 à la femme, le sujet est très grandes. Pour avoir un jeu est très avantageux au jeu auquel vous avez la chance vous ne soit pas muni .

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