Great Places to Visit Whilst in Sardinia

Whilst many travellers to Italy make lengthy stops in Naples, Rome and Venice, they miss the joy of travelling through Italy when they bypass Sardinia – the ideal getaway for a landlocked tourist. Not only does the Italian enclave—the second largest island in the Mediterranean—provide exclusivity, its capital city Cagliari as well as the surrounding provinces provide tourists with plenty to do and see.


Whilst you, no doubt, will enjoy the golden beaches of the island, the holiday is not simply about the sea and the adjacent seashore. As indicated, the Italian island also features a pleasant collection of villages and towns, all which showcase ancient city walls, forts and a variety of preserved structures from another time. Costa Smeralda (the island’s Emerald Coast) is also a draw due to its beautiful shore and natural scenery.

When visiting the island, travel professionals advise using Nuoro for your base – a city and comune which is situated in the central eastern part of Sardinia. The city, which is found among the peaks of Monte Ortobene, is the capital city of the province of the same name. Nuoro is the sixth largest of the Sardinian cities. You can also learn more about Sardinian places to stay on the island by reviewing the information at Villas are popularly featured on the site.

A Little Bit about Nuoro

Notable for being the birth place of renowned artists and other creative people, Nuoro plays host to a variety of important museums, thereby making it a major cultural centre in Sardinia. In fact, the city has been called the Sardinian Athens or “Atene sarda.” Grazia Deledda hails from Nuoro too. She is distinguished for being the only woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature – a prize that was won back in 1926.



From Nuoro, you can extend your Sardinian journey to such towns and destinations as Alghero, the aforementioned Costa Smeralda and the capital, Cagliari. Alghero, which is located on the northwest coast of the island, is a little bit more condensed and serene than the capital. The town, an old fortress location constructed against the edge of the sea, has retained a portion of its old city walls as well as Old World charm. Restaurants, bars, shops and nearby beaches compete with palaces and an impressive cathedral among the tourist offerings.

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is the main hub for tourists who visit Sardinia. Located in the island’s northeast section, this paradise location is nothing short of heavenly and is an affordable escape when compared to other tourist destinations located along the Mediterranean. Luxury hotels, fine dining and shopping are all featured at this high-line locale.

Casa del Sole


Sardinia’s capital, Cagliari, sits confidently in the southern part of island among historic sites and a large and impressive harbour. The city’s old town section precipitously rests on a cliff overlooking a waterscape. A warren of narrowed alleyways and streets add to the fun of exploring this historical getaway. The Bastione San Remy fortress is one of the must-see historical attractions as well as the Monte Claro Provincial Park, which is home to an old hill-top mansion and the area’s provincial library.

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