Great Ideas for Island Adventures in Australia and the Pacific

A ‘top ten’ list is simply impossible where islands in Australia and the Pacific are concerned, so what follows isn’t a list of the best, but rather a list of four islands that truly stand out and should be considered when holidaying in the region.

Whitsunday Island

Whitsunday Islands

One of the most popularly visited island chains in Australia, the Whitsundays are an excellent starting point for adventures on the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and something you don’t want to miss.

The scenery here is breathtaking, the atmosphere fantastic and the water warm and inviting with world-class diving and snorkelling, but the beaches on the Whitsundays aren’t considered among the best in North Queensland.

Still, holidaymakers of all budgets will find themselves well-catered for here with regard to accommodation, with everything from basic guesthouses for backpackers to luxurious five-star resorts on offer.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island

Located in the Pacific Ocean (1,412 kilometres east of mainland Australia), Norfolk Island has a rich history and something for holidaymakers of all interests, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Pacific.

Norfolk isn’t a tropical island but rather an evergreen one, with its iconic Norfolk palm prevalent throughout the island. It boasts a wealth of historical places of interest due to its colonial past, including a World Heritage Listed historical area.

Among the most popular Norfolk Island holiday accommodation options are the self-catering properties, including private, self-contained ocean view apartments nestled in subtropical gardens. The dining options are also something of note here on Norfolk, especially the fresh seafood the island is famous for.

Waking shore Tasmania


People often forget about Tasmania when discussing Australia’s islands but Tassie fits the description and it’s an island shouldn’t be missed whilst holidaying in Australia.

Tasmania is one of the most fascinating parts of the country with some of the best beaches the country has to offer. Not to mention breathtaking scenery, an amazing ecosystem best experienced by visiting its numerous national parks, a wealth of places of interest and an extensive selection of accommodation and dining options.

Because Tasmania is a large island and home to several cities, most notably Hobart and Launceston, it’s a good idea to hire your own transportation, i.e. a car or campervan, to get about in.



If you’ve never heard of Huahine you’re one of many, yet this small Pacific island located among the Society Islands in French Polynesia stands out as one of the best holiday destinations in the region.

A mountainous, tropical jungle fringed with white sand beaches that’s understandably considered one of Polynesia’s best kept secrets, it’s an island as heavenly and paradisiacal as you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

Airfares are a little on the expensive side, as are the main resorts, though there are a few budget options in the form of the ‘pensions’ that are found throughout the island.

So there you go – four great ideas for you to think about when planning the perfect island adventure!

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