Five Things to See and Do During Your Stay on Norfolk Island

If you are looking for an exciting place to explore on your next vacation to the South Pacific, then Australia’s beautiful and scenic Norfolk Island may be for you.

Norfolk Island

First settled as a penal colony off the waters of Australia, the island is now home to a small community of year-round inhabitants, and offers visitors a perfect place to unwind, relax, and take in some sights. If you happen to visit, here are five things you must check out:

1. The Native Birds

Norfolk Island is home to an incredible number of birds, many of which cannot be found in the wild anywhere else in the world. Because the island is so remote, a large number of the bird species found there today are believed to have originated there, and many never migrated elsewhere. Highlights include starlings, trillers, thrushes, and the boobook owl.

2. Captain Cook Lookout Point

The renowned British Navigator Captain James Cook is thought to be the first European who ever noticed the island. He sailed passed it in 1774, and named it after the Duchess of Norfolk. At the time, the island was uninhabited; though it is possible people lived on it at some point prior. The Captain Cook Lookout Point is a quiet bay off the coast of Norfolk Island, with several large rock formations rising out of the sea. Visitors can walk along the verdant coast and admire the incredible blue waters.

3. Anson Bay

Elsewhere on the island, Anson Bay offers crystal blue waters along a sandy beach, and is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. The bay makes for relatively calm waters, though there are enough waves for a little surfing or splashing around. During most the year, the beach will be largely empty, so visitors can have it almost all to themselves. If you get tired of the beach, try hiking up onto the green bluffs that overlook it.

4. Visit a Winery

The climate of Norfolk Island is ideal for grape production, which is why despite its minuscule size the island is home to not one but two vineyards. Visitors can tour the facilities, learning about wine production, and enjoy tastings to top it all off. The vineyards also include restaurants for those looking for a delicious fine dining experience while on the island.

5. Spend a Day Fishing

No matter which of the Norfolk Island resorts you choose to stay at, you will be within easy reach of a beach or waterway where you can go fishing. Fishing has been Norfolk Island’s primary industry for generations, up till recently when tourism overtook it, and it’s a way of life for most of the people who live on the island. Between the small waterways on the island itself and, of course, the water all around, fishermen have the chance to hook a wide range of sport fish, large and small. For those who really take their fishing seriously, there are even deep sea fishing expeditions that leave from one of the several jetties extending off the island. Ask your concierge for more information.

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