Few Useful Tips for a Pleasurable Shopping Experience during Your Holiday in Thailand

Be it the traditional items, daily use, modern ones, or anything else that you might be looking for in Thailand, its markets will never disappoint you. You can easily find what you want in a variety of stores that range from the upscale shopping malls to even the bustling street markets.

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No wonder, Uniktour has most of its customers who plan their holidays in Thailand. However, there are a few things you need to take care of, to have a pleasurable shopping experience there.

Planning Your Shopping Hours

Ending up in front of any closed shop could be the worst thing to expect while you are out for shopping in Thailand. Isn’t it? Besides, the shopping hours at this tourist destination are usually irregular, especially during the public holidays or weekends. Hence, it’s better to check the timings beforehand.

While most of the large shops are generally open all through the seven days in a week, the small shops are closed on Sundays. However, for the rest of the days, you will have plenty of options to bargain for. Besides, most of the store timings are from 10:00 to 20:00 or even to 22:00. Hence, you will have sufficient time to shop around.

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Make Sure You Buy Only Flawless Items

Huge discounts and offers are quite common for the pavement stalls and local markets. While that can be really enticing for all your shoppers, you need to ensure the quality of the products too.

You will often find inferior quality items, rejected or sub-standard products etc. among those discounted stuffs. Hence, on your part, you need to inspect each and every item that you buy.

You needn’t prefer the ones with any sign of damage. You can act smart by telling the vendor that you are a local resident and would return the products if it doesn’t prove to be of standard quality.

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The Best Things To Purchase There

Of course, most of you dedicated shoppers would find numerous great items to shop for. Yet, there are certain things that Thailand markets are really popular for, and so you needn’t miss out buying those. These include the following:

  • Arts and antiques
  • Thai cotton and silk
  • Gems and jewelry
  • Preserved fruits
  • Woodcarvings
  • Home decorative items
  • Metal-ware
  • Pottery and ceramics etc.

Compare and Ask For Bargains

Thailand markets are quite popular for bargains and varying prices. Buying blindly or paying whatever the vendor asks for, might leave you with regrets in the end. Hence, it’s better to shop around and compare the prices from different stores before settling on the least price offered.


It’s always advisable to avoid purchasing expensive things that they might claim as the only piece in the market. Don’t worry, you will always find things in other stores too. The market is quite competitive over there.

Bargaining is the norm in most of the Thailand markets. The only places you can’t bargain are the departmental stores, malls, supermarkets etc. In rest of the places, you might be surprised by slashing off even half of the offered prices, just by bargaining. The only way to bargain there is with a smile and of course a polite approach. Raising your voice or losing your temper mightn’t work in your favor.

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