Family friendly budget holidays in the UK

If you don’t want to spend mega bucks on your family holiday this year and have decided to stay in the UK, you need to be prepared for the probability of rain. Many budget family holiday ideas, such as camping trips or beach holidays, depend on good weather – but read on for a guide to wet weather budget holidays for all the family.

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Self-Cater in Style
Self-catering is so much cheaper than staying in a hotel and allows you to get much more for your money. The larger your group, the better property you can find too. If you choose a self-catering house that is part of a larger estate then it might include access to an indoor swimming pool and many standalone cottages also have games rooms. Before you book, ask the owner if it comes equipped with plenty of family board games and if not, be sure to pack some. A great way for the family to bond away from home on a rainy day, is over a long game of monopoly; enjoy the mayhem! When you are looking for a good location that’s near the beach, you need to make sure there are plenty of rain-friendly activities nearby. Look out for places close to indoor play centres, museums and swimming pools so there is always an option on rainy days.Static Caravan Parks
Static caravan parks are one of the best budget family holiday options and rain won’t ruin your stay. Look for parks which offer covered areas including an indoor pool and plenty of amusements and entertainment. Many caravan parks have extensive facilities which can even include spas for adults while the children will spend hours enjoying the swimming pool, flumes and aqua activities. At night there is usually entertainment – from discos and dancing to bingo and talent competitions.

Chalet Holidays
In much the same vein as static caravan holidays, chalet holidays tend to provide a covered entertainment area which includes places to eat, drink and an indoor swimming pool.

Theme Parks & Water Parks
Even the heaviest of rain won’t ruin a trip to a water park, so why not make a holiday out of it? Staying at a theme park or water park is common in the USA and now becoming more so here in the UK. A week-long stay would probably take this option out of the budget range but a long weekend could be a perfect mid-summer trip. A list of the big six UK water parks where you can stay has been published by The Independent newspaper but there are lots more to choose from.

Since there’s always a high chance of rain, a week in a tent could be miserable and a week in a beach hotel could also be a wash-out. However many family friendly holidays are suitable choices, including chalet and caravan park resorts as well as self-catering cottages. All water park holidays are ideal for families and if it does rain, it won’t matter because you’ll be wet already!

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