Eight Fantastic Reasons to Tour Alice Springs

Alice Springs is one of Australia’s most popularly visited destinations among visitors from abroad. Considered by many to be the heart and soul of the Australian Outback, it is not to be missed whether you travel solo, with friends, or on a fun-filled group tour. Here are eight fantastic reasons why!


  1. The Desert Air

There’s something about the desert air that’s really invigorating. Due to Alice’s remote location, the desert air here is truly fresh and revitalising, especially on those chilly winter mornings that are advisable to pack warm clothing for.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you are going to take a hot air balloon ride anywhere in Australia, with the exception of Uluru, make it Alice Springs. There are some magical views to behold from up above, with sunrise and sunset the most popular times of day.

  1. Desert Art

Alice Springs is the desert art centre of Australia and it is home to some of its most famous aboriginal artists. Many artists have their own small galleries and there are a number of art centres of note.

  1. Camel Ride

Camels were brought to Australia by Turkish immigrants during the gold mining days. Nowadays there are a number of camel farms where you can take a camel ride – sunset is the best time – just don’t mess with any of the million or so wild camels that roam the outback. They bite!

  1. Simpsons Gap

One of the most amazing places you’ll ever visit in Australia, Simpsons Gap is a remarkable sight to behold. Just 18 kilometres from Alice, there are some great walks and a wonderful picnic area with free barbecues. If you don’t have your own transportation, you can still visit Simpsons Gap by jumping (or hopping) on the Alice Wanderer hop-on, hop-off bus service. It’s also included on many all-inclusive, fun-filled tours of the Outback.

  1. The Alice Springs Desert Park

Considered by many to the one attraction that you absolutely must see when in Alice, the Alice Springs Desert Park is a short distance from the town centre and represents a great day out for everyone. There’s a lot to be learned about the Australian desert here and you need to set aside at least three hours to make the most of the experience.

  1. Cycling

Alice Springs is a popular destination with cyclists and there are many roads and trails of note to explore. There are cycling tours and bike hire available for those who don’t have their own bikes.

  1. The East and West Macs

The West MacDonnell Ranges, which are more commonly known as the West Macs, are a popular day trip from Alice Springs, but the East Macs are much less frequented, making them something of note, not to mention a great place to explore without the crowds.

No visit to Australia would be complete without visiting Alice Springs. If you don’t find a reason to visit from the eight above there’s always the opportunity to learn the didgeridoo!

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