Eastern Europe, Always Surprising – Especially for Snowboarders

All winter sports aficionados already know the hottest spots to ski and snowboard in Western Europe, as Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy hold their grounds in the tops for years, and for all the good reasons. These make part of those special places in the world where people gather every year to test and practice their skills, to have fun and learn a thing or two from the pros that don’t miss any season.


However, if you take a look over recent news provided by passionate snowboarders on specialized magazines and websites, you will be surprised to find out that some countries in Eastern Europe rose to challenge the established contenders when it comes to snowboarding, accommodation, services and entertainment.

The restless people from World Snowboarding Guide came up with a list of the best places to be in Eastern Europe if your feet are burning – to quote a famous song – and if you want to count yourself among the Lords of the Boards this year.

Those passionate about winter sports and with a strong inclination towards the dangerous and the spectacular are getting ready to pack their snowboarding gear, as the time has come once more: be them beginners, free riders, freestylers or downright sensation seekers, the same question is on everybody’s lips: where to go hitting the slopes this year?

1.       Bulgaria

You may know a thing or two about this country, as in recent years it invested a lot in tourism and turned out to become one of Europe’s favorite spots to spend the summer holidays into. But winter sports? Well, apparently, Bansko resort was described as the best next thing in terms of snowboarding, a yet undiscovered treasure, although it belongs to UNESCO world Heritage sites list. With 75 kilometers of tracks, Bansko seems to be a dream came true for freestylers and free riders.

2.       Slovenia

Be where the eagles fly and ride with the wind in Vogel, a resort so small and so secluded, few people actually heard of it. It is hard to reach and the travel part to it is quite adrenaline pumping, but once you’re there, prepare to be amazed. Fifteen tracks to choose from, especially recommended to beginners and intermediate skilled snowboarders. The scenery is breathtaking and the hotel there is said to be quite amazing.

3.       Slovakia

Now this country, as many of her Eastern European sisters has little to do anymore with ancient prejudice, ancient politics and whatever you may remember from the past. It turned into a piece of jewelry and pro snowboarders managed to put it on the map of winter sports hot spots in all Europe, as it has some perks like no other. Jasna is a paradise for free riders and some of the most daring had nothing to complain about, as it has also tracks for the advanced and the skilled snowboarders, but the beginners and the intermediates will find something to fit their needs too.

Eastern Europe is indeed surprising when it comes to tourism and if you are really considering it for your snowboarding trip, be sure you take an informed decision: Poland and Russia are also stars in the competition with resorts, landscape, attractions and offers that might convince you not waste a minute before booking your flight.

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