Can virtual traveling replace tradition traveling experience?

The same way we take videos and photographs nowadays and share them afterwards online to let others experience them as well, we will be able to capture amazing whole 3D scenes and create completely new and exciting environments and then share it with other people too.

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Many believe that technology is going to allow people to travel virtually to real places or even imagined. There is true evidence that traveling is headed in this direction. A machine called a Transporter has been unveiled by Marriot International. That machine allows people to virtually experience sights and sensations form around the globe as though you are actually there. So is this the future of travel? Well, both yes and no.

Who is it good for?

Virtual traveling is perfect for people who just do not have any plans to leave their home, but still have a desire to taste what it is like in some other country across the globe. There are people who have no desire to visit some other country apart from their own. Once they step out of the machine, they can simply say that they are glad they did not spend a ton of money, effort and time on this particular travel, and that those few minutes were more than enough.

That can also be an advantage of virtual traveling. If you are low on money, and you wish to visit a country across the globe, that of course if very expensive. However, if you do it virtually, you will not spend as nearly as if you would have if you went on that particular trip. If you did not like the virtual trip, chances are that you would not have liked the real experience as well. That can be seen as a great advantage of virtual traveling. If you are not satisfied with your virtual trip, then just don’t do it in reality. It will save you time, and not to mention money.

Ways of virtual traveling

The transporter is not the only way to travel in a virtual manner. Take a look at Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus. The Oculus Rift looks like something form a scuba diving world, yet it takes you in an interactive world or a in a tropical jungle, and you are in total control. You can navigate with a help of a game controller and experience many things. Even though it was not designed for traveling, it has potential to transform travel.

The idea behind all this is not that virtual traveling will replace traditional traveling, because no one in the industry would go to such lengths. The travel industry has high hopes that people who already have experienced virtual traveling would be persuaded to experience the real thing.

Can virtual traveling replace the real thing?

Looking the general picture, the answer is no. However, it can be used to experience some past times, such as the Coliseum in all its glory or the Pyramids. So, you see, there are many applications of virtual tech that can be applied to traveling. If you are not that much into past, then you can stay in the present times and visit Hawaii for example. The virtual traveling is not of course good as the real thing, but it has many great aspects.

If you do not have enough money at the time, you can always go on a virtual trip, and that’s ok. It will give you a new perspective and chance to learn some things you never thought you would.

We are all daydreamers, right? A trip to past is a great thing and a chance to renew your knowledge of history and different cultures and a chance to visit places you have never seen before. You can also look on the virtual reality as a test run of your future vacation. If you are not sure whether to visit Spain or France during the summer, well take a virtual trip and make a decision.

Virtual traveling versus traditional traveling

The fact is that virtual traveling will never be as good as the real thing, but it has many positive sides and can be exciting and fun. One of the best advantages is that it allows you to take trips for a lot less money. Once you have experienced the virtual trip, it will be a lot easier to decide where to go in reality.

It is no secret that virtual traveling is gaining more and more popularity. It is a great place to start planning your vacation.

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