5 Natural Wonders in Canada You Have to See to Believe

Canada gets talked about a lot for being cold, but it isn’t often recognized for its natural wonders. However, it should be – Canada is a land of great natural beauty that deserves to be visited more often. Here are five natural wonders in Canada that have to be seen to be believed.

Virginia Falls 447x298
Image: flickr.com/photos/viajeacanada

Virginia Falls

Located in the Northwest Territories, Virginia Falls is twice the height of Niagara falls. However, due to its remote location within the Nahanni National Park Reserve, very few people ever pay a visit to these beautiful falls. The park is accessible by a float plane, or through hiking or boating in. The surrounding landscape is awe-inspiring as well, making this site well worth a visit!

Western Brook Pond

Who says fjords are only in Norway? Western Brook Pond is the size of a lake. Found in Newfoundland, this pond is full of beautiful blue waters and is home to hundreds of waterfalls, thundering down from a height of 610 meters. Small cruise ships can be found floating through the clear waters, offering some of the most spectacular views south of the Arctic Circle.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

The name is exactly what it sounds like: namely, one of the best places in North America for discovering dinosaur bones. Found in Alberta, this area is home to layers upon layers of geological strata and dinosaur bones. You can visit the museum, see the bone lab, and learn more in the theater among other things. With some of the world’s most groundbreaking finds occurring here on a regular basis, this park is one that should definitely be visited.

Cathedral Grove

The redwood trees of the Sequoia National Forest get a lot of attention, but this small forest in British Columbia is often overlooked. The Douglas fir trees that grow here are more than 70 meters tall, and some of the oldest date back more than 800 years. So wide around that it’s impossible to encircle with your arms, the widest can be more than nine meters across. Located in MacMillan Provincial Park, the area has many natural beauties to enjoy.

Lake Louise

Another location found in Alberta, Lake Louise in Banff National Park is a collection of breathtaking natural landscapes and geological formations that seem truly out of this world. With the stunning Victoria Glacier dominating the skyline of the west end of the lake and the Rocky Mountains running alongside, it’s hard to find an area more beautiful than this.

As breath-taking as Canada is, getting to these locations can be a problem. Some of them are hard to access, and the roads leading to them may be dangerous. If you happen to get hurt on the way, get in touch with a group like Taylor and Blair, car accident lawyers in Vancouver to protect your rights. If you exercise caution and drive carefully, you’ll have an unforgettable trip as you discover these 5 fabulous Canadian natural beauties.

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