4 Tips for Planning a Holiday in the UK

Despite being a nation that loves a little sea, sand and surf in the sun, Brits are said to be forgoing expensive holidays abroad in favour of a little native adventure. A recent poll revealed more than 8 million Brits have chosen to stay in the UK for their holidays this year instead of heading abroad.

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London topped the list of places Brits intend to visit this summer, with Devon looking to see a huge influx of native holidaymakers who still want their fix of sun and sand.But can holidaying on their native ground ever be as great as stepping off the plane in a bright, boiling foreign climate full of new culture and promise? Here are four tips that prove a little planning is all that’s needed to make full use of Britain’s amazing landscapes, culture and excitement!

1. What transport?
Here in the UK, Brits can enjoy a pretty reliable national travel service of trains, buses and planes. For some folks, it’s not a holiday if they have to drive everywhere, so look into things like national train passes and cheap plane fares.

For example, travelling by train doesn’t need to mean struggling with train times and long waits. National rail companies are keen to promote the UK rail network as a great resource for native holidaymakers. On many websites there are proposed itineraries and transport & accommodation options for customers purchasing in advance.

2. Create an itinerary
The lack of language barrier, guaranteed healthcare and sense of safety make it especially easy for natives to go on a tour holiday of the UK. Britain is a small place – less than 300 miles from east to west – but enjoys an exceptionally diverse culture and landscape. There are plenty of pass options out there for folks looking to utilise public transport, from students right through to families. Train companies offering advance tickets and 2for1 options can be a great resource for people looking to keep travel costs and stress levels down.

3. Camping, caravanning, hotel or spa?
Folks who are holidaying on their own doorstep can usually afford to make a few blunders in the accommodation stakes. Camping isn’t for everyone, but neither is a week on lock-down in a spa resort. Vacationing in the UK means being free to mix things up a bit in terms of accommodation. A few nights under the stars followed by a few in a seaside resort hotel could be the perfect combination.

Holidaying within the UK means having the time and circumstance to try something new without the fear of being stuck in a foreign country with struggling language skills!

4. Try something new every day!
It’s not always possible, but it’s worth a shot! Planning something new for each day of the holiday can really help bring home what a marvellously diverse nation the UK is. It could as simple as trying new cuisine or as brave as scaling one of the Welsh mountains!

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