2014 Villa Holiday Check List

Renting a villa as means of holiday accommodation is an increasingly popular form of holiday and certainly one that looks to increase in popularity during 2014. The main attractions of this type of accommodation over more common accommodation features an ability to manage ones own agenda, keeping the entire party under one roof and if you are lucky enough, a private swimming pool just for you and for your close party.

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Passports, visas and other legal documentation – It is always your responsibility to check what precise documents are required to obtain based on the country to which you are traveling to and from. The villa company or private landlord are useful reference points, but make your own inquires to be on the safe side.

Check what is included and what you will need to bring – Make a list of items that you will be requiring on your holiday and compare the list against the inventory of the villa. Depending on the property in terms of country and county the inventory will change. Standard equipment will often include a self-catering unit, linen, bedclothes, towels, TV, DVD and a telephone. You will do well to bring adaptors and other equipment as needed.

Sort your insurance – When it comes to keeping insured overseas take no chances and leave no uncertainty. You will be wise to take up two forms of insurance based on health and contents. Health insurance to cover you and your family should anything happen as well as contents insurance in particular if you have little children that might accidently damage the villa. These types of holiday insurance cover often do not come with the holiday villa package (unless stated otherwise).

Traveling – You will be required to travel at latest once in order to arrive at the villa. As well, you might want to travel and explore the local area. In which case you should either consider hiring a car, a bikecycle or at least find out about local transportation all before hand so to avoid disappointment.  In rural areas such as the country side, public transport might be limited, so car hire may be needed, otherwise in busy centers walking or cycling may prove more suitable and easier on the travel expense budget.

Pets – Petsare normally not allowed unless it is a working dog for the disabled. If you are considering bringing your pet, you are well advised to check before hand.

Enjoy your villa holiday in 2014.

Guest check list info by Affair Travel. UK based ABTA protected holiday company offering villas in Croatia, France, Corsica and new for 2014, Montenegro. If you are about to book a villa holiday in 2014 or have already done so, the above check list should help ensure that you have a wonderful time.

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