10 things you probably didn’t know about Canada

Who said Canada is a boring place? Canada is a huge North American country which offers a wide and diverse socio-cultural system, stunning natural beauty and a high standard of living. Apart from its natural beauty, it also is a highly industrialized country with huge natural energy reserves and low levels of habitation per square mile. Right from its restaurants to its Prime Minister who is regarded as the crystal ball, Canada is a one of the fascinating places that people love to visit.

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In fact, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for people looking to emigrate. The cost and standard of living are both excellent and property in Canada is eminently affordable whilst employment prospects are very good.

Being a Canadian or living for a quite a long time in Canada doesn’t imply that you will know everything about that place. There are certain amazing things you probably might have knowledge about even though you are residing in this beautiful place for years.  What are they? Take a look here.

Below are 10 facts about Canada that you may well not know:

1) Canada has the longest land border in the world.

The land border it shares with America is approximately 5,525 miles along and includes its border with Alaska.

2) Canada has one of the lowest population densities in the world

With an overall area of 3,855,103 square miles, it is the second largest country in the world and ye it has only 8.6 inhabitants per square mile

3) Canada has the highest number of large lakes in the world

Approximately 31,700 large lakes within its boundaries

4) Canada has the longest coastline in the world

A total length of 202,080 kilometers

5) Canada has 13% of the World’s oil reserves

6) Canada has produced 14 Nobel Laureates

7) Canada is so large that from one side to the other that there are 6 different time zones

The different time zones mentioned over here are – Newfoundland Time, Eastern Time, Atlantic Time, Mountain Time, Central Time and Pacific Time.

8) Canada also boasts the longest street in the world.

The street is called Yonge Street. It starts at Lake Ontario and continues right to the Minnesota border, which is a distance of nearly 2000 kilometres

9) Canada is home to the World’s smallest jail.

The jail is based in Ontario and is only 24.3 square metres

10) Canada contains 9% of the Worlds renewable water supply

There is no doubt that Canada offers something for everyone. The country is home to stunning natural scenery and locations such as the Canadian Rockies, whilst also offering excellent healthcare, education and employment prospects. The property in Canada gives excellent value for money.

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